Properties in the UK

I'm currently engaged to be married in December. Shortly after, my new spouse and I intend to move to London. Now this is possible due to my partnership, my partner will continue to manage the properties and I will continue to do all of the accounting and tax work. One of the absolute joys of having a responsible partner.

But on the other hand, I'm beginning to realize that with all of the information out there for real estate investors, nearly 100% of it seems to be aimed at Americans. I have yet to come across a decent number of sites dealing with property, landlording and investing in countries such as England.

Specifically I've been looking for websites or blogs that discuss the properties laws of England, what would a first-time home buyer do in England (what are mortgages like over there?! What are their rates?), what is the market like, and what are the general laws pertaining to landlording? Is the 6% sales commission the standard for them too? All of this information is easily at hand for an American. Just go to any number of sites, from to (not to mention all the fine blogs out there) and you'll find plenty of articles dealing with every aspect of home buying and investing. But I still can't find the UK versions of these websites.

So here's my question to you, kind readers. Am I looking in all of the wrong places? Does this information on real estate in the UK exist and I just can't find it? Or is there an enormous hole that could potentially be a lucrative niche to fill?