A Recap

If this is your first time to my site, here's a quick guide to some of my more interesting articles:

The Danger of Overextending Yourself: If you are getting into real estate investing, you have to read this. You must invest slowly and prepare for the occasional setback.

What Make a Bad Investment: An article that walks step-by-step through a preliminary evaluation of a property, simply by using the ad for the property and Google.

Should I Invest in a Condo? A look at why condos don't make good investments for real estate investors.

Breaking Down a Lease: A look at what a lease is made of, and what you should make sure you include in yours.

Anatomy of a Credit Report: What a credit report looks like and how to read one. You should ALWAYS run a credit report on your prospective tenants.

How Real Estate Investments Make Money: A simple look at how to add value to a property so that you can sell (or rent) at a profit.

Doubter's Inc.: When investing, should you form a corporation? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

And finally, my favorite, The Littlest Millionaire: How you can use your real estate investments to teach your children about money and start them on the path to their own fortunes.


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